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Registration Application Form

This form is an application to register as a buyer at Destination Dallas Needlework Market. Filling out this form does not guarantee
entry into Destination Dallas: All applicants will be vetted by the Destination Dallas staff, and their decision will be final. You will
receive an email notice regarding your approval or un-approval regarding obtaining trade show badges at Destination Dallas.
Thank-you for your interest in attending Destination Dallas Needlework Market

Please read thoroughly before filling out this form:

This on-line registration is restricted to “Traditionally-styled Brick & Mortar” needlework retail stores ONLY. On-line registration for buyers will close September 12th. Please register as early as possible so that our staff will be prepared with your show packet when you arrive. Traditionally-styled Brick & Mortar Needlework retail stores may register on-site; however you must present proof of your shop to our Registration Staff.
All other types of needlework and non-needlework businesses must be pre-approved by first applying for Registration prior to August 25, 2018 using Registration FORM B, which you may request from our Buyer’s Registrar via the contact page on our website. Do not use this form if you are not a traditionally-styled Brick & Mortar Needlework business. Note: To vet non-traditionally-styled businesses is time-consuming for our office; therefore, the August 25, 2018 date is firm. Also, note that all non-traditionally styled Brick & Mortar businesses who attempt to register On-Site will be issued Guest Badges ONLY.

*Definition of a "Traditionally-styled Brick & Mortar Needlework business" is a business located in a city-approved retail location that maintains regular scheduled business hours, is open to the public without restriction, and sells a significant amount of needlework materials as part of its regular inventory.

Do not leave any box blank. Enter"0" if you are unable to provide the requested information.

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Business Name
YES! I am a “Brick & Mortar” Store
Resale Tax Number
Street Address 
Mailing Address 
City State
Postal/Zip Code Country
Phone FAX #
E-mail Website

Attendees - List all attendees here. Indicate badge type (guests are not authorized to make purchases).

Owner/Buyer #1 First Last
Buyer #2 First Last

To reduce unvetted and direct-to-consumer sales, all others in your party will be issued Guest Badges ONLY.

Guest #1
Guest #2 First Last
Guest #3 First Last
Guest #4 First Last

If you would like to request to bring more than 4 attendees, type the additional names here, separated by commas.

Store Sale Percentages - please type the percentage (%) of each below

  Cross Stitch/Counted

Class Sign Up - the form for class sign ups will be available on May 15 in the Classes section of our website.

Event tickets - must be payable by credit card ONLY. Our form delivery service is encrypted and secure, and no stored information is accessible via our site.

Name of cardholder
Credit card #
Expiration date Sec Code Zip Code on bill

Banquet Ticket Number
Tickets are $38 each. The banquet will be held on Sunday night from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.

Bugatti’s Trip Number Sorry, the Bus to Bugatti's is sold out!
Tickets are $45 each. Wine and Cheese reception begins at 5:30 PM, followed by bus trip to the restaurant.

Sign me up for the LNS Day (Local Needlepoint Shop Day) promo for Thursday September 20th.
I understand tha by checking "Yes" I agree to promote the event, and that I will hold an in-store promo and/or
event on September 20th. I also agree to have my shop listed on any LNS Day promotional materials.

YES      NO

Thank-you for registering as a traditional Brick & Mortar Needlework business at Destination: Dallas!
Please check back with us after May 15th for Class/Education Registration (a separate registration).

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Destination: Dallas is a CLOSED TRADE SHOW and is not open to the public.

  • This is a WHOLESALE market for the purpose of RESALE purchases ONLY.
  • No private purchase/end-consumer purchases will be allowed.
  • Having a resale tax number does not ensure ability to enter this show.
  • Being a member of another Trade Association does not ensure entry to this show.
  • All attendees must be registered and wear their official badges during show and event hours.
  • Security personnel will be present during show hours.
  • Un-vetted, unregistered attendees will be escorted off the show floors.