Destination: Dallas

Market Information for Exhibitors

We will be adding information as it becomes available.

Exhibitor registration is now open!

Registration begins Wednesday, March 7th for all new and former exhibitors! Because we love our celebrations, those companies who have participated in Destination: Dallas in the past will be given priority if they have sent in their registration materials by St. Patrick's Day, Saturday March 17th!

Previous exhibitors can know they will be confirmed and will have exhibit space unless they are personally notified otherwise. 

Please be aware that the registration fee is not refundable. The Bugatti's and Banquet reservations are firm commitments as well,
as we are obligated for the cost of each meal once booked.

A few new things this year:
Due to an even larger number of vendors this year, there is a possiblity of extending the show hours on opening day to allow buyers more time to get to see us all. This has yet to be determined, and we will be sure to notify everyone once the issue is settled.

Especially different is the combined Registration Form/Policies document, which you can access right here in PDF format. Please save it and print it, and be sure to read it thoroughly, as it should address any questions you may have. We are also offering online access to printable shipping labels. Simply click the link to access
the PDF shipping label document, which you should print on
brightly colored paper.

There are two forms in this document. You must fill out the Registration form and return it ASAP, preferably by March 17th, 2018, along with your payment, to the address printed on the document. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY HALF of the form process. The second of your required forms pertains to all the information you want printed in our Show Book and on other printed materials, such as your badges. Your completed form will be sent to our Show Book Editor and to the individual who makes your badges and room signs. This form is due to us ASAP. If you don't send it by June 15th, we will assume that you do not want your info printed in the Show Book and that you intend to have our Registration Staff make you hand-written badges and signs. You must use this form so that we have a paper trail of your Show Book and badge information.

If you have any questions regarding these forms, please contact our Exhibitor Registrar.

Potential Exhibitors: Once our exhibiting space has filled (we will post a message accordingly), please contact us if you would like to be put on a waiting list.

These are links to PDF documents that you
may save to your computer.
Click on each of the buttons to access them.

Exhibitors, take notice!
The hotel will provide storage space beginning Monday, September 10, 2018. If boxes arrive prior to this date, an additional $25 per day, per box storage fee will apply and will be billed by the hotel.

Join us for our special events:


Destination: Dallas is a CLOSED TRADE SHOW and is not open to the public.

  • This is a WHOLESALE market for the purpose of RESALE purchases ONLY.
  • No private purchase/end-consumer purchases will be allowed.
  • Having a resale tax number does not ensure ability to enter this show.
  • Being a member of another Trade Association does not ensure entry to this show.
  • All attendees must be registered and wear their official badges during show and event hours.
  • Security personnel will be present during show hours.
  • Un-vetted, unregistered attendees will be escorted off the show floors.