Class Description

Class Information - FRI 3 - R3 - Creating a User-Friendly Website

Creating a User-Friendly Website

Resource Class Number: FRI 3 - R3

Teacher: Matt Rigoli

Class Time & Date: 3:00 - 4:30 PM, Friday

Limit: Open Seating


Learn from a professional Web Developer what it takes to make your website "User Friendly." Enjoy a wonderful and very informative seminar where Matt Rigoli (very knowledgeable about needlepoint -- wonder why) shares experiences, advice and ideas about how to achieve success, and most importantly, avoid failure with a very important lifeblood of your business ‒ your website. He's a young web developer looking at websites from the perspective of what young people are looking for and what catches their attention, and also make it more easily navigable for all of your customers.

Teacher Biography

Matt Rigoli is an experienced Web Developer at Peak Development LLC, a company he founded two years ago. He enjoys everything related to Website Development, and has dedicated himself to the understanding of user-based design. Matt and his team just made their debut into the world of Needlepoint when they were contracted to create the brand new Danji Designs website, and they can't wait to get more involved in helping Needlepoint websites achieve success.