Class Description

Class Information - FRI 3 - C3 - Winter Scene

Winter Scene

Canvas Class Number: FRI 3 - C3

Designer: Painted Pony Designs

Teacher: Sherry Bray

Class Time & Date: 3:00 - 4:30 PM, Friday

Limit: 12


What do you do with a sweet little canvas that you fell in love with and then discover that it is artistically painted?  And the compensating... that is the first thing we will tackle. Next we will turn it into a magical Christmas wonderland. You will learn Stitches, beading techniques and depth perception and come out with an awesome piece of art.

Teacher Biography

At age 17 Sherry Bray was in Broadway where a lady was demonstrating needlepoint. It intrigued her. She needlepointed for several years, and then went on to explore cross stitching, quilting, appliqué and silk ribbons. By the time she wandered back into a LNS, she was amazed at how the craft had changed. Oh my goodness, the freedom! The threads! The "can I?" No rules (okay some rules, but not many). Everything that she had been working on could now be applied to her canvas. She's been hooked ever since.

Sherry figures that her job as a teacher is to push her clients out of the nest so that they can design their own canvases. That forces her to continue to evolve her own style of needlepoint. It’s a win-win!